AHRD offers highly customized HRM / OD solutions/interventions.  We would like to be an essential business partner in conducting reliable assesstments, developing, implementing and managing organizational effectiveness.

AHRD - Accelerated Human Resources Development

Business Model:

Linking leadership and business strategies, managerial effectiveness, organizational performance, human resources and best business practices in the workplace and the marketplace:

  • Working with highly regarded professionals in the organizational behavior, organizational development, human resources management, talent development and subject matter experts in their respective fields of expertise.
  • Supporting organizations in their pursuit of value creation, profitability, corporate responsibility, human resources development, technological innovation and opportunities, new business generation, research and development and change management with overall effectiveness.
  • Developing a mutually beneficial co-sourcing relationship with corporate clients in all industries to support their growth and sustainability.

AHRD is fully committed to help your business build sustainable competitiveness by managing chances in goals, structure, processes and culture with overall effectiveness.

Our corporate services focus on building a sustainable competitive advantage through highly effective HRM & OD Solutions/Interventions. Here are some of the critical areas   in   which   our corporate clients engage our services:

Organization & Managerial Process...

Positioning & Managerial Process...

Directional Maps & Managerial Process...

E-Mail: hr@ahrd.com or change@ahrd.com

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